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The Future of Spam

Every now again I get some spam that’s actually interesting to read. I thought I’d share it.

So here’s Heather Locklear on the beach playing football, flirting, and generally acting young. And while her body is still in great shape, the signs of ageing are starting to show. Most notably in her face, where it seems she skipped her last Botox appointment (or maybe her face-lift could use a little tightening).

Sadly, she’s also showing signs of getting older in her arms and legs, where she’s starting to get a bit of that “old lady waddle.” In fact, the only place it looks as though she hasn’t aged is around her boobs, which are still remarkably perky (though the reason for that is probably an easy guess.)

I enjoyed this one because, when I was 14, my friend Alex was totally in love with Heather Locklear. He probably still is. (Alex, are you out there?)

It makes such a pleasant change from the usual

Hey, man! Great post! Buy Tramadol…

that it made me wonder about the future of comment spam.

Maybe, one day, the spammers will hire professional writers to craft entertaining spam. There may be annual awards for Best Comedy Spam and Best Spam series. Bloggers will compete to have the top spammers leave comments on their site. Hey! It might happen!

Here’s a more likely prediction: most bloggers set their moderation policy to approve first comment only. It won’t be long until armies of professional commenters will be hired by the spammers to leave real comments, thus opening the door for the spambots to spew their filth. And then we’ll need a new policy.

3 responses to The Future of Spam

Rob August 1, 2007

Is a “knew policy” one where you have to know the person before you let them comment on your blog?

Kevin August 1, 2007

Dear Rib,

It seems you made a typo in your email address.

What is this ‘knew policy’ of which you speak?


Rob August 1, 2007

“Rib” is my new alias when I’m ribbing you.

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