Ragged Clown

It's just a shadow you're seeing that he's chasing…


There is still hope for them

Just when you thought the pubbies had completely lost their souls – up pops McCain, Graham, Warner and Collins to show that they are not all maniacs. It makes the contrast with the rest of ’em all the more stark.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether they are mad

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said I voted for torture. I should have said I voted against the anti-torture bill.”

or evil

“Let me ask you a specific question. There are reports that the CIA in its interrogations would strip a prisoner naked and lead him around by a leash. . . . Would that be legal [under the President’s bill], or not?”

BERENSON: “Well, that illustrates the precise problem the President is trying to solve. There are probably a substantial number of people around the world, countries around the world, tribunals around the world, that would say that would be a violation of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. If that’s true, then as a matter of domestic law the CIA agent who has led the terrorist suspect around that way has committed a felony under the War Crimes Act. And that’s what the President doesn’t want. And under U.S. constitutional standards, that probably would not be unlawful, but you would have to analyze it much more carefully than just an off-the-cuff response.”

but when its someone like John Yoo – who is clearly not stupid – saying things like

“the founders intended that wrongheaded or obsolete legislation” would be “checked by presidential action”

you wonder if we are turning that corner – for we do seem to be turning a corner – just in time.

I tell you – keep an eye on that Lindsey Graham. He will be in the White House one day.