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Exclusive: News now includes facts!

For the last few years, the Biased Liberal Media have found themselves in a bit of a dilemma. Many of the political stories since early 2003 have been of the form

[prominent republican leader] said yesterday that “the democrats say we should [outright distortion]”. [A senior democrat] said “No we didn’t”. [Another senior republican] said “yes they did”.

I have noticed a very subtle shift in the last week or so. My two main sources of biased liberal news are the NPR and the New York Times and they have both started saying things like this

[prominent republican leader] said yesterday that “the democrats say we should [outright distortion]”. Here are some facts that demonstrate [prominent republican leader]’s distortions. [fact one] [fact two] [fact three]

Here’s an example from today’s Times

“It is foolish to think you can negotiate with them,” Mr. Bush said. No one in either major party has suggested negotiating with terrorists, although many Democrats and some Republicans have criticized the conduct of the war in Iraq. Some critics have called for a phased withdrawal of American troops from the country.

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one response to Exclusive: News now includes facts!

Aaron Rhodes September 5, 2006

“As we all know, facts have a strong liberal bias.” -Steven Cobert

I suppose stating facts is the new liberal strategy as reducing the corruption and lies of the top government seems to be the most popular campaign selling point right now for them.

The top three right now are:

1) Economic issues
2) Government corruption
3) The war

And yes they are in that order :/

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